Vega Software consists of multifaceted highly educated IT professionals with main specialization in computer software and systems development. Their commitment ensures the success of any project they undertake. Their technical expertise couple with the real world business experience empowers them to understand the business and the need of the client.The company's suite of software solutions aim to meet the unique requirement of customers from business consulting, developing custom applications and implementing solutions to outsourcing and managing application.We focus on servicing leading organizations within the sectors that are most vital to economies, i.e. the public sector, agriculture, Insurance manufacturing and development aid.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, efficient information services to the community using the most up to date software technology. We want to be a leading business-to-business IT solution provider in Africa, offering best-of-breed solutions and services that will enable our clients to optimize the efficiency and quality of their operations. We will achieve this through honest and ethical business and marketing methods and a good working environment attracting the best IT professionals. We aim at expanding our client base within medium- and large-size organizations and extending our area of operation through collaboration with partners in other parts of Africa.

Core Values

Operate business with honesty and integrity.

To perform to the highest level of proficiency at all times.

Our unfailing belief in prudent, ethical corporate value.


Vega Software focuses on creating IT systems in close collaboration with our clients in order to achieve a solution reflecting their specific requirements, needs and wishes.This involves close interaction with the clients and presentation of different versions of the system(s) with increasing functionality, i.e. using a prototyping approach. This approach has the advantage of giving the client the highest possible influence on the final product.Software is our speciality but - to optimise customer service and satisfaction - we also believe in a one stop-shop approach, integrating a range of products and services and can, for instance, also provide state-of-the-art hardware solutions via our network of partners.


Years of Experience


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