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TARGIT Analysis Suite


In order to be able to make the best decisions, it is essential that any company or organisation has access to an accurate and up-to-date picture of the current situation. This is made difficult by huge amounts of data being scattered across various IT systems. The traditional approach has been for management to ask the IT department to collect and process the data and present it in a comprehensible form. This is a time consuming process and also requires that managers always know what to ask for and the data supplied will rarely be up-to-date.

TARGIT Analysis Suite makes up-to-date key business information immediately available for decision makers and everyone in the organization. Everyone in the organization has the opportunity to create his or her own analysis with just a few clicks. TARGIT has a unique user interface where users navigate intuitively in the most advanced analysis and data is displayed graphically with no waiting time.

Vega Software is authorised TARGIT distributor in East Africa and has certified TARGIT professionals.