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Customer specific development

Specific solutions that need to address their unique business requirements as required by the users. They are tailored towards the needs of the customer. These could include the various customizations to be done to meet the intended needs. Customer specific development often involves designing applications according to the customer requirements.

Creation of complex reports

A report is used to present data that contains summary information. E.g. a report to print a list of customers. Creating of different kinds of reports from available data in the format that can be presented for easy analysis of information. Complex reports involve querying data as required. Reports present data that could otherwise be difficult to interpret. Ms. Nav has its own application object for designing reports.

Upgrade to customer specific Navision

This involves implementing newer version of software you currently use of a more fully-featured version of the current software that may have not been previously available. There is usually a cost for a software upgrade.

Integrating into office products

Application integration is the process of bringing data or a function from one application program together with that of another application program. The office products already exist and thus the process is sometimes realized by using middleware (an application that mediate between two separate and often the other is already an existing program), often as Dynamics Nav is written on a custom basis. e.g. Ms. Office Outlook with Ms. Dynamics NAV.

Integrating into other applications

Ms. Dynamics Nav can also be integrated with other applications that already exist to meet the various needs of different users. An example is the database application which will provide the necessary data storage base. Ms. Dynamics Nav can access data stored in the database e.g. SQL server.