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Project Management

System implementation projects involve time and personnel resources which require planning and management to ensure optimal solution within the specified budget and timeline. We adopt the Microsoft Sure Step methodology of project management to ensure the success of our projects.

Business Process & Workflow Analysis

We develop solutions for client operation management to ensure efficient business processes that result in overall optimal performance. Workflow analysis helps ensure smooth transfer of activities through different stages in the work structure eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing productivity.

Diagnostic Analysis of Critical Applications

During implementation, upgrade or enhancement engagements we offer diagnostic analysis services to evaluate the critical details of procedure to be managed through the application system. This ensures that all client needs are captured and the solution meets them.

Data Analysis

Data integrity and control of access is crucial in ensuring that a database contains relevant and quality data. This is done by evaluating the data requirements, data type and data processes of an organization.

Customization Specification & Testing

User requirement often vary from the standard system offering hence we develop the customization requirement specification identifying the interface with the system processes. Customizations are tested to ensure they meet the objectives of the business process.

Development Specification & Testing

System enhancements require developer coding to add new features and processes. We develop specification for development to capture all changes with documentation for future reference of all code changes. Developer solutions are tested to ensure optimal solution for the specified requirements