Microsoft Azure | Cloud Services For Your Business

Easily deploy backups, site disaster recovery, virtual machines & enterprise mobility solutions for your organization. Minimize hardware and service disruption costs by running your enterprise software solutions on Microsoft Azure.

    Azure BackUp

Cloud Backup - Your data is your business, protect it

Ensure business continuity and protection for enterprise workloads. Get fast, simple, and cost-effective Cloud Backup services with a scalable solution available in multiple regions. Our backup-as-a-service requires zero capital investment and is easy to use, application-aware, and automated. It offers self-service and includes support for various operating systems. This allows you to back up your workload whether your server is on cloud, on-premise, or in a managed hosting environment.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery, without the requirement for System Center, enables us to make a replica of our on-premise virtual machines in Azure. It is the perfect data replication solution for small businesses & enterprise, as it is easy to setup, and well within the budgets of small businesses and enterprise clients.


Azure Virtual Machines

Azure virtual machines enables your windows & linux machines to expand the datacenter to Azure. VMs can be used in a variety of ways, from production, test or development.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

EMS combines three standalone products: Azure Active Direc...Learn moreā€¦